Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Week of 11/27

A. I only had two days of internship and school this week. Monday I posted a new entry on my News Herald blog talking about how Black Friday and Sears made up my weekend. I also finished writing for my next blog entry about the conference that I went to in early October. The newsroom has been quieter than usual having not seen a few of the newsroomies in the last couple of days. Tony seems busy, I guess maybe he is catching up from last week since he was out. I will not be at internship or at school because I will not be in town for the rest of the week. ComTech is taking a trip to Orlando to tour college campuses, a pirate dinner/show, and we will be going to a theme park. I am excited. I really need to get away so this would be good. I hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving and got great deals the day after Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Week of 11/24

A. We only have two days of school this weekend then we are off for Thanksgiving break. I still went to internship even though my mentor wasn't going to be in all week. I felt I would rather be at internship then in class working. I just spent the last couple of days trying to think of how I want to write the article on Myspace because I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Week of 11/17

A. A slow Monday to start off an even slower week ahead. Everybody kind of just trickled in the news room. I waitied until Tony gave me another idea to write another article. I find myself always writing about something new. Once I've finished one I immediately jump onto another if I haven't started one yet. If I am writing an article that is not related to my new blog entry, then I end up working on two stories. I guess it's okay though, I have to be doing something while I am at my internship. I don't have to be here, but I prefer working here at the News Herald than being enslaved by my lovely ComTech teachers. My next article will be about Myspace, and so will a follow-up blog. A blog entry I am working on right now is going to be about the Innovations fair I attended and participated in down in Orlando.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Week of 11/06

A. I didn't get to go the first day of this week because I had a follow-up with the doctor. Hopefully I didn't miss much. I came in on the second and sat by myself for the most part. Everybody in the newsroom was not to come in until later that day because of election polls.Since they were going to be staying later than usual, they did not have to come in to work until about noon. It was okay here by myself because I already know what I was supposed to be working on and I know my own way around. So it wasn't bad at all. Brady took me to the Supervisor of Elections Office to watch the meeting about the close-call voting between the two school member candidates. It was quite interesting. I finished the article I was writing and posted another blog on The News Herald site. It's going pretty good at internship, now I just have to work on my school work.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Week of 10/30

A. I've finished two articles: one on the new dress code policy for Bay District Schools and another on classroom blogging. This week I posted my third entry on my News Herald blog about how hard it is financially to be a senior. The first one was about the dress code and my second entry was about the Rutherford Homecoming. I am also starting another project this week. I am writing an article about the on-going debate on the open-campus/closed-campus issue. I found a lot of stories in the News Herald archives and will also be talking to students and teachers about what they feel should be done about the lunch policy. The newsroom is light as always but they all are always working on something. Here they can take their lunch break whenever they want however long they want, as long as they can get their work accomplished. I also see that the news paper competes with the news stations. It's who gets there first that counts. A good way they catch stories is listening to a police scanner that sits in the newsroom with the reporters. Four weeks of internship down. So far, so groovy. =P

4. Ask your mentor about the company's policy on drug/substance abuse. What happens if someone is suspected of violating the policy?

B. coming soon

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Week of 10/23

A. This week at the News Herald I worked more on and finished my second project with the dress code policy for Bay County students. I found how hard it is to get in contact with anybody from the schools. I added another entry to my blog on Rutherford's homecoming last week. I have also been working on my next blog for the site. I've also learned that there is a sense of competition in the news room, but its always friendly! The guys here are funny, I say guys because that's all there is. Sometimes there is the one lady, but I only see her every other time I come in. lol
There's one thing I have a hard time remembering about internship--time sheets! We all have to have them but we have to get them from class. Hopefully I can do some major catching up this week because I really need to.

3. Ask your mentor about in-house training opportunities. Give some examples.

B. The News Herald doesn't really have any in-house training opportunities. They do have customer service training where reporters are sometimes sent to regional workshops. There they learn skills and techiniques with writing and editing.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Week of 10/16

A. It was cool this week, I finished my first article on classroom blogs and then set up a new blog on the News Herald's site. I've learned a little on how to form an article, what to include and what not to include. On my blog I wrote a entry on the dresscode and had a good amount of peole view and comment. I may be getting more out of this internship than I thought I could. I first started out thinking they were just going to have me run around and maybe write something here or there. I haven't had to run and get anything so far, but I did get to shadow the reporters. Tony took me out with them to Gulf Coast Community College to do a story on the segways that are now being used on the campus. Hopefully once I get more experienced with the reporting process I get to go on more assignments. As for the work habits of the people here at the News Herald, it's usually pretty chill there hasn't been any sense of urgency or anything that have been a big deal. I'm sure they have troubles, but they are well handled without any fuss.

2. Ask your supervisor/Director of Human resources about entry level positions that are available in the company an what academic traning or experience they are looking for in filling those postions. ask them for the top 10 things they are looking for in a prospective employee.

B. As far as entry levels go there are inserters and entry level reporting. You must be 18 years of age or older for any of the positions offered at the News Herald. The inserters are the people in the mailroom who put the advertisements in the paper and get it out in the mornings. The hours are crazy and there are no academic requirements for this position, only physical. The other entry level position that they offer would be the entry level reporter. For this position there are college graduate requirements. The only things that they look for in a prospective employee would be what most companies do look for: dependability, a good work ethic, and the ablibity to work in a team environment.

I found that I need to work on my note taking skills. All I do is type now so when it comes to having to write something down, it takes longer. lol